Switching Accounts

This topic describes how a user switches between their Home organization account and a Host or Guest organization account.

This topic refers to the following terms:
  • Home organization—end-user's employer (e.g., MRO company).
  • Host organization—company providing a guest account for the user (e.g., airline).
    Note: There could be many Host companies for one user, but only one Home account.
  • Guest account—secondary account under different companies.
    Note: Guest account users have the ability to edit their profile, view company details, perform multi-factor authentication, and switch their account back to their Home organization account.
  1. Log in to the Aviation ID.
  2. Click the My Account tab, and then Switch Accounts.
    The Switch Accounts page is displayed.
  3. Select an account to use.
  4. Click Use Selected Account.
    The User Account Information page of the guest account is displayed.
    Note: User can switch back to the main account by completing steps 2-3, and then clicking Use Main Account.