Batch Updating Guest Accounts

This topic describes how a Company Administrator batch updates guest accounts in their organization.

This feature allows the Company Administrator to add, modify, or delete guest accounts using an Excel or CSV file.
Note: Aviation ID generates a high volume of e-mail notifications. By default, e-mail preferences are set to send all e-mail notifications. It is recommended that you modify the e-mail preferences to limit the number and type of notifications you receive.
  1. Log in to Aviation ID as a Company Administrator.
  2. Click the Administration tab, and then the Batch User Updates tab.
    The Batch User Updates page is displayed.
  3. Click Browse.
  4. Navigate to the Excel or CSV file, and then open it.
    A "success" message is displayed.
  5. Click the View Users tab.
  6. Click the Set Columns link.
  7. If not already a Selected Column, click Guest Accounts under Available Columns.
    The guest accounts are displayed.
    Note: While updating user guest account information, Company Administrators can update any other information, and the changes will be made in the system once the upload was successful.