Adding a New User

This topic describes how a Company Administrator creates an account on behalf of a user.

Note: You can check whether a user has already been registered by using the lookup feature on the Add New User page.

  1. Log in to the Aviation ID as a Company Administrator.
  2. Click the Administration tab, and then Add New User.
    The Add New User page is displayed.
  3. Complete the required fields (marked with [*]) in the User Account Information and Account Settings sections.
    Note: You can specify the user's user ID, rather than accepting the default user ID.
  4. Optionally grant the user access to one or more application(s) by clicking the checkbox for the application.
  5. Optionally authenticate the Multi-Factor Authentication device to manage user MFA credentials within the company.
    Note: Click Multi-Factor Authentication to open the Select a Multi-Factor Authentication Device page where you can manage these settings.
  6. Click Modify to edit the information or Submit to complete the registration.

    The Add New User Success page is displayed.

    At this point, the user will receive an e-mail inviting them to activate their account.