Logging in with Identity Provider

This topic describes how a user logs in to their company using Identity Provider (IDP), instead of Aviation ID.

  1. Navigate to Aviation ID.
  2. Click Log In at Your Company.
    The Identity Provider Selection page is displayed.
  3. Select your Identity Provider from the drop-down list, and then click Log In.
    The Identity Provider page is displayed, and you are logged in to your company.
    Note: When the user logs in with their IDP, once they navigate back to the Aviation ID Log In page, they should enter the username associated with their IDP's account. In this case, the user will not have to enter a password on the Aviation ID Log In page. The user should only enter their username, and then click the Log In button.
    Note: Once landing on the Aviation ID home page after successful IDP login, the RIDP ID field will be populated with their associated username on the Edit Profile page under the My Account tab. For administrators, the RIDP ID field will appear on the Add New User page under the Administration tab.