Using Multi-Factor Authentication

This topic describes how a Company Administrator sets multi-factor authentication options.

One of the three devices must already be activated or authenticated before you can perform this task.
Complete the Multi-Factor Authentication Settings section on the Add New User page.

Field Descriptions

  • Exostar Token Serial Number: This field contains the serial number for the Exostar token.
  • Text/Voice Phone Number(s): These fields contain the phone numbers used for text/voice authentication; up to two phones may be used.
  • Authy App Phone Number: This field contains the phone number of the device where Authy is installed.
  • The process for registering devices for existing users is the same as for new users, except the Company Administrator completes the fields on the View Users page after activating or authenticating one of the three MFA devices on the Multi-Factor Authentication page, under the My Account tab.
  • The Company Administrator must use MFA authentication to see these fields.
  • Company Administrators cannot register MFA devices for themselves; another Company Administrator must perform this action. A user’s own MFA settings are read-only and prepopulated. For security purposes, users cannot edit their own MFA settings.